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07746 39 26 27

Private Counselling

Counselling Room
The Grove
Surrey, CR5 2BH

On-site Private Counsellor at
Pond Tail GP Surgery
The Green, Godstone
Other GP surgeries may be an option

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How are you feeling?

Experiencing difficulties alone can be tough, and perhaps counselling can help; whether it is a personal issue or work related.

I provide a safe, confidential and non-judgemental setting in which I will help you make sense of your feelings, enabling you to see your difficulties in a more manageable way.

I need help

I am sad

I have negative thoughts

I hate myself

I can't cope

Who am I?

I’ve no confidence

I’ve got low self-esteem

I’m bereaved

I’m grieving

I’m experiencing loss

Someone I love is dying and I can’t cope

I want to end my life

What do I do now?

I’m redundant

My children have left home!

I’m stressed

I’m anxious

I do everything to excess

I eat too much

I stay in and do nothing!

I don’t think I have a problem but everyone else does

I’m a complainer

Nobody understands me

I’ve got relationship difficulties

I can’t sleep

I want to be a better parent

I’m being bullied

I feel like a child

I don’t want to do to my children what my parents did to me

I don’t feel

I don’t feel accepted/part of

I have difficulties at work

Relationship problems

I explode

I punch walls

I’m self-harming

I’m angry